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News Archive


Time Affluence - 01 May 2016


Battlelines Drawn - 01 Mar 2016

Battlelines Drawn In our first two newsletters of 2016 we covered some areas around personal well-being - planning for the year ahead and how we should reinforce this by "rooting the routine"... Read More

Happy New Routines - 01 Feb 2016

Don’t make New Year resolutions, make New Year routines! We may be overt or closet “New Year resolutionaries”, but at some level most of us tend to plan to do something a little... Read More

Happy new Year from AQB - 08 Jan 2016

"Happy" precedes the ancient celebratory wishes at the start of a New Year, and is also one of the most used, yet least understood words in the English language. Defining "happy" however, allows us to consciously... Read More


AQB on the Move - 01 Aug 2015

AQB Financial Services is expanding and is on the move! Whilst our Head Office and staff complement are firmly Knysna based (16 staff), our association with PSG and the expanding footprint of our clients have led us... Read More