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History and Philosophy

Quick Overview

AQB was founded by
John Edwards and
Ronnie van ’t Hof in 2004.

John Edwards and Ronnie van ‘t Hof, the partners of AQB, are both qualified Chartered Accountants. John has been in practice for over two decades, offering accounting and auditing services, tax planning and administration, estate planning and investment advice. Ronnie has provided financial life planning services (including tax and estate planning) to clients throughout the country for over 25 years. They merged their respective financial planning and accounting practices in 2004, with the aim of forming a comprehensive financial life planning business, able to perform a superior service to a variety of clients with diverse needs.

The practice has grown significantly over the years, with a current staffing structure including three Chartered Accountants, a psychologist, tax administration specialists, bookkeepers and administrative staff. The practice’s head office is in Knysna, and also operates from Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The partners seek balance in their own lives, and aim for their clients to achieve the same. This encompasses an alignment of all aspects of life – financial, work, social, leisure, physical, community and spiritual. They manage the consequences that many lifestyle decisions and transitions have on a client’s financial life. The individual portfolios they structure are therefore based on an understanding of a client’s unique needs, and reflect an appropriately diversified asset allocation, with local and international options available.

They have established solid and long-standing relationships with highly reputable fund managers to ensure that clients are offered an independent spectrum of high quality investment opportunities.